Neurodesign Lecture - Artificial Intelligence and the Neuroscience of Creativity (WT 2020/21)

Various Lecturers

In this course you learn how to design and conduct your own creative project, based on your digital engineering skills and personal engineering passions. Your knowledge and interests will be brought to play in a field that you probably don’t know that well – neuroscience. In fact, neuroscience requires a lot of digital engineering and good engineering solutions have a great potential to open up radially new avenues for research and practice.

Something that is good to know: This lecture is funded by the Bosch Science Foundation. They are very interested in your ideas for creative neurodesign projects. Based on your presentations in class, one winning project will be awarded funding in the end, so that it can be continued in the realm of a well-supported and fully-paid PhD project later on.



Date: November 2, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 01:28:55

Brain Data & Creative Engineering - Dynamics and Patterns

Date: November 9, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 01:16:25

Designing with Neuroscience & Emerging Tech

Date: November 16, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 00:54:20

Interdisciplinary Science, Art & Tech as Participatory Media Arts Practice and its Social Impact

Date: November 23, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 01:12:21


Date: December 7, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 01:05:32

Project Propositions

Date: December 14, 2020
Language: English
Duration: 01:46:17

Artifice and Intelligence

Date: December 21, 2020
Language: German
Duration: 01:14:52

Ethics by Design

Date: January 4, 2021
Language: English
Duration: 00:57:30

Creativity Code

Date: January 11, 2021
Language: English
Duration: 01:07:02

Characterizing cognitive states associated with creative thinking using (neuroimaging) network neuroscience and topological data analysis

Date: January 18, 2021
Language: English
Duration: 01:05:08

Project Presentations

Date: February 8, 2021
Language: English
Duration: 02:32:24